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Spirit of compassion motivates this couple to give back

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For Keyzom the decision to volunteer is a deeply spiritual one. As a Tibetan Buddhist, she believes t...

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Author: Liz June 28, 2016

Helping Introverts Find Their Best Volunteering Experience

Not everyone wants to be the life of the party. Some people don’t like parties at all and would rather spend their time with a few close friends. Some of us would even say we have a daily need to be alone in ord... read on

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Henry and his cat

Henry Finds His Spark

Why SPARK? Let Henry and his cat tell you our story!

Derek helps to build a better world

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As a talented tradesperson, Derek gets the job done right and teaches youth new skills.

When Derek began volunteering with our affiliate 3 years ago, he had already been working with youth ...

man with old camera

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