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About SPARK Ontario

When you feel like you are making a difference, you feel IT. The SPARK. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling that takes you over and makes you want to experience it even more. And you get it from helping out, lending a hand, doing some good - AKA volunteering. It also comes from making YOUR world a better place.

With volunteering you can learn something new, find new friends, gain work experience or get out of the house to do something you enjoy. It makes a difference for others and for you. What can be better than that? That’s why volunteering creates a SPARK.

There are so many fantastic opportunities to volunteer in Ontario and yet we often hear people say they don’t know where to volunteer or how to get started. In fact, did you know the number one reason people give for not volunteering is that they haven’t been asked? Well, here at SPARK we are asking. In a very BIG way.

We want you to volunteer. We want you to find YOUR Spark. 

SPARK is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade. It is a partner driven project led by Findhelp Information Services. SPARK has been funded as part of a legacy initiative for the Pan/Parapan American Games 2015.

Our mission is to bring potential volunteers and non-profit organizations together to create a SPARK.

Our goal is to reach 1 million site users by April 2016. We aim to spread the word about volunteering and enable the people of Ontario to get involved when, where and how they want.

Our hope is that you will find what you are looking for on our site and in your next volunteering experience. If not, come back again! The SPARK is worth waiting for. When you do find it, please tell us about it. Create a video. Write it down. Or take a picture. Tell your story.

Inspiration starts here. It only takes a SPARK…

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