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Author: Liz December 5, 2016

SPARK Your Spirit of Giving This December

December 5 is International Volunteer Day! It’s a day that celebrates the impact volunteers make across the globe. Founded by United Nation... read on

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Author: Liz November 15, 2016

Toronto’s Liberty Village Cares Inaugural Terry Fox Run

Guest post by: Mike Connell “I’ve never really found myself attached to a particular charity,” says Jagger Long, the host and organizer of the inaugural Liberty Village Terry Fox Run. &ldqu... read on

Author: Liz November 7, 2016

Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day approaches so we thought it worthwhile to take a moment and ask the question: How do you observe and pay your respects on November 11th and the days leading up to it?  Some don the poppy... read on

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Author: Liz October 21, 2016

Volunteers: Keeping the Terry Fox Run Going

Guest Post By: Mike Connell “I’m speechless about what these people will do for the [Terry Fox] organization,” says Martha McClew, Provincial Director, ... read on

Author: Liz October 13, 2016

Volunteering in Ottawa: Volunteer Rendezvous Expo

Guest Post by: Mike Connell Walking past the multi-coloured picnic tables on a fall morning in front of Ottawa’s City Hall, I find myself wondering what to expect from an event called ... read on

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Author: Liz October 7, 2016

#betheSPARK: A contest that shows you care

If you live in Ontario, October 3rd marked the start of our #betheSPARK contest on Twitter and Instagram! Capture you or your friends doing something good, something selfless—helping out a friend, a family membe... read on

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Author: Liz August 12, 2016

Not sure where you want to volunteer? Stories can help.

We are built for story. Our brains our wired to receive them, relate to them and use them to help guide our decision-making. Stories help us connect with the experiences of someone else. Think for a moment about how m... read on

Author: Liz June 28, 2016

Helping Introverts Find Their Best Volunteering Experience

Not everyone wants to be the life of the party. Some people don’t like parties at all and would rather spend their time with a few close friends. Some of us would even say we have a daily need to be alone in ord... read on

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