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Author: Liz January 24, 2017

Celebrating Canada’s 150th: It’s Your Time to Shine

Canada150for150 is a volunteer challenge that asks Canadians to volunteer 150 hours this year in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary. You may ask, “What kind of volunteering would I need to... read on

Author: Liz April 26, 2016

Helping youth find their SPARK

Youth are responsible for some of the most inspiring movements and ideas. They create social justice initiatives, lead successful fundraisers, and champion causes they feel passionate about. They’re not afraid t... read on

Author: Liz March 9, 2016

What's luck got to do with it?

When it comes to volunteering, are some people just lucky? Here at SPARK Ontario, we read many inspiring stories of people who have found their volunteering SPARK. How did they find it? What can we learn fro... read on

Author: Liz February 17, 2016

Getting to know refugee-serving agencies in your community

Over the last few weeks, we have received some wonderful messages from folks who want to give the gift of their time and talents to help the influx of new refugee families feel welcome in their new homes across Ontari... read on

Author: Liz January 22, 2016

When is the best time to make a difference?

Carpe Diem! That’s what Robin Williams' character, Mr. Keating, said to his class of young men in the film, Dead Poets Society. This phrase meaning “Seize the Day” inspired his young students to ... read on

Author: Lianne January 4, 2016

A New Year for Volunteering!

Happy New Year from SPARK Ontario! Have you made any resolutions? Do they involve your health, meeting new people, or trying new things? Good news! You can make it all happen with volunteering! Did you know that studi... read on

Author: Liz December 10, 2015

Family Volunteering

We often think of volunteering as an individual choice, but offering the gift of your time can also be a group decision. Doing meaningful things, such as volunteering, with friends or family can be a bonding experienc... read on

Author: Liz October 12, 2015

Top Tips for Volunteer Opportunity Shopping

Did they really say ‘shopping’ you may be asking? Yes. Yes we did. And we have used the word quite deliberately. Because, as a potential volunteer that is exactly what we want you to do here on SPARK ... read on