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Whether you are a small, medium or large business, getting involved in your community is great for you, your employees and your potential customers. Find out more here how to make it meaningful!


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If you are here, you must be thinking about supporting your employees to get involved in volunteering or partnering with an organization in the non-profit sector. Or maybe you already do it but want to do more. Good for you! Corporate engagement benefits the community, non-profits and your business. It does not matter what size of business you are – your support for creating social good is important.

In this section you will find information and resources to support your company’s community involvement. We are always looking to grow the resources here so if you have examples of best practices you can share or know of any great resources please get in touch. We would also love it if you would share your stories on Spark!

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Employee Volunteering

Employee volunteering is a fun and meaningful  way for your staff to contribute to your community.  Your staff will learn skills, create connections and make a difference where they live and work. This section will connect you with great examples of employee volunteering as well as provide the basics in getting started.  

Find out more about Employee Volunteering

Corporate Partnerships

Creating a successful corporate partnership with a non-profit is all about finding the right fit, sharing the same values and establishing a clear path for you to travel on together. Like any other partnership, terms need to be clear and the outcomes significant for both parties. Find out how to get started and see what other businesses are already doing.

Find out more about Corporate Partnerships

Passion for Sport - Paul's Story

Your Stories

Paul Bowes, Assistant Coach, Canadian Men’s Wheelchair Basketball Team - Real Estate Officer, Ministry of Transportation

Paul Bowes, or “Bowesy”, as he is affectionately known by his athletes and fellow coaches, has b...

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Volunteerism and community involvement can improve employee performance. Check out this article from Charity Village.

Funded by the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade, SPARK is an online platform that aggregates volunteering opportunities across the province. Its vision is to motivate, inspire and celebrate volunteering in Ontario. It’s something new on the landscape – a story that is just beginning. This report is intended to spark discussion and engage you, the reader in the next developments in the plot.

From startups to large corporations, here are four ways your business can make a social impact right away!

Companies that adopt an employee volunteering program actually get stronger because of it! Learn more about how this happens right here. 

When it comes to effectively engaging volunteers with professional skills, planning ahead can make all the difference! Check out this blog post for tips on how to make the most of this experience for both the volunteer and the nonprofit.

This Top 6 Trends Infographic gives insights into developing a kickbutt workplace giving program. They say that volunteerism is at the core of employee engagement - but we already knew that!

HP's employee shoreline cleanup initiative helped Amy fulfill her passion for sustainability and improved employee morale. Read her story here.

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