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Family Partnership Volunteers

The Family Partnership Program is an integration support program in which a newcomer family is partnered with a local family or community group for one year. Partnerships will be created when the newcomer family has completed the Reception House Orientation to Canada and is ready to move out of temporary housing. Reception House will make an effort to match families that are compatible by taking factors like family size and age breakdown into account.

About this Opportunity

The partnering group will be a circle of support for the new family that can provide both social and practical help with resettlement. The group can simply provide social support by eating or playing games with clients once a week, or they can provide more comprehensive support with housing, employment, and English training. Each pair of families has a designated Reception House Case Manager, settlement worker, and Housing Specialist team. The Reception House team will help the partnering group to determine what their responsibilities will be based on the partnering group s resources and availability. If a group is willing to take on more responsibility we will partner them with a high needs family. The weekly commitment will be 1 to 4 hours, but there are multiple levels of involvement to which the partnering groups can commit.

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