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Office assistant

  •   Toronto, ON (536.2 km away)

About this Opportunity

We are looking for someone to man our small office. This is a long term appointment of at least 3 months.  Please be able to commit to that at least.  It's very quiet other than the odd walk in and seniors taking computer lessons. We need to be open weekdays, Mon - Fri. however we recently had some staff changes so shifts need to be filled.

- Occasionally a resident will come in to use a computer and they must be logged in.

- Or they may need to use the phone.

- We also have information residents can utilize

It's extremely important that we keep this office open. . You are more than welcome to utilize the staff computer for the time you are there.

Other duties include:

- posting flyers for our regular programs.

- Help with other senior programs we run when necessary.

- If you have the knowledge and wish to pass the time faster, we have some people that would like to have computer lessons.  Nothing elaborate, just basics and beginners.  Some wish to learn social media, some to set up an email, some how to surf the net, etc.  This is not required but if you have some computer skills you would like to share, we would appreciate it.

We are looking for someone to start as soon as possible.

- Please take the time to google our address so you are aware of any distance. The nearest main intersection to us is Sherbourne & Wellesley St. We are right downtown Toronto.

- We would like to stress to also please be sure you can commit to this volunteer position. We are having difficulties with people not showing up and/or cancelling interviews at the last minute, and although this is a volunteer position, it's still important. Please note this is a long term volunteer position of at least 3 months.

Shifts open now are:

Thursdays from 10 am until 2 pm starting Thursday Oct. 5th/2017

Please be sure you can commit to this volunteer position before applying.  I'm sorry but we are not accepting applications from those actively seeking employment as we just get people trained and they leave short of their commitment and we then have to train again. 

Please email us at bwan@bell.net if you are interested and send a brief resume.  If a resume is not available please tell us a bit about yourself. Include your phone number.  We do not accept phone call applications, they must be sent by email to us.  Also, please specify which day/shift you are applying for.   Thanks.

Please email us at bwan@bell.net if you are interested.  We do not provide parking however there is 2 hr parking on the street.  If you drive you would just have to run out in 2 hrs and move your vehicle a bit.

Please email us at bwan@bell.net if you are interested.  Send a resume if you have one please and if not, let us know a bit about you. Include your phone number.  Please also mention which position you are applying for.  We accept emails only for our volunteer positions.   Please do not use the volunteer Toronto direct email  attachment that is part of your profile to contact us.  We do not use it.  Only send to our bwan@bell.net email.

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Bleecker/Wellesley Activity Network

  • Toronto, ON