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Learn About Volunteer Centres

Volunteer Centres in Ontario

Volunteer Centres are local champions of volunteerism and help people learn about ways to get involved in their community through volunteering. They also work closely with nonprofit organizations who are interested in engaging volunteers in their work.

For nonprofits that want to know about current best practices in volunteer management, or get some tools and strategies to improve their volunteering program, volunteer centres are the place to go! They often provide workshops and networking opportunities for nonprofits to connect with each other.

Although not every community has a volunteer centre, there are more than 25 volunteer centres that serve over 300 communities across Ontario.

Many volunteer centres are independent nonprofit organizations, while others are part of another local community benefit organization such as a United Way, or community information centre.

Volunteer Centres vary in size and offer services based on the unique needs of their community so it’s best to check with them directly to find out what they have to offer.

To learn more about volunteer centres, check out their profiles on SPARK.

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Volunteer Recognition Program Available to Ontario Nonprofits

Achieve Ontario is a program that recognizes the skills volunteers have gained through their volunteering experience. It’s a great way for nonprofits to acknowledge and celebrate volunteers who have made a difference. An Achieve Ontario certificate is personalized to the volunteer and can be used as a way for volunteers to talk about how they have benefitted from their volunteering experience with potential employers or in future volunteer positions.

If you are a nonprofit interested in issuing Achieve certificates to your volunteers, you can become Achieve-Ontario-certified through a volunteer centre near you!

Learn more about Achieve-Ontario here.

Want to know more?

Nonprofits that provide volunteer centre services in Ontario are part of a provincial organization, called the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network (OVCN). The purpose of this network is to strengthen the individual and collective ability of Volunteer Centres in Ontario, and to promote, support and enhance volunteerism. You can learn more about the OVCN here.

Volunteer Canada is a national organization that works in partnership with volunteer centres and provincial networks to strengthen volunteerism across Canada. They look at issues that affect volunteering nationally and provide resources that help organizations manage volunteers effectively.

Learn more about Volunteer Canada here

Stocking the Shelves with Care!

Your Stories

Since food bank usage is up 9% in the Windsor Essex Community. I know that our volunteering and desire to bring resources to help build the capacity of Drouillard Place will have a significant impact not only now during the holiday's but in the future as well!

Along side Union Gas, I was able to volunteer and help out in our local food bank. Union Gas generous...