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Volunteer Social Media Coordinator

We are seeking a volunteer social media coordinator to develop and implement a social media strategy to increase overall reach and brand awareness.

About this Opportunity

Duties and responsibilities

The social media coordinator will:
- Identify key online channels for Team Unbreakable to establish presence
- Develop an appropriate social media strategy to support Team Unbreakable campaigns and fundraising activities, and establish targets for increasing online reach through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
- Generate, edit, publish and share regular updates/content through Team Unbreakable’s social media outlets that builds meaningful connections and engagement with audience (blog posts, new releases, fundraising initiatives, and any other promotional items)
- Adhere to policies and guidelines of social media platforms
- Attend monthly meetings to provide updates, address concerns and review action items
- Monitor activity and user interactions for all social media outlets
- Adapt general TU campaign messaging for different outlet-specific audiences
- Research people and/or groups relevant to Team Unbreakable that can be engaged


- Experience using key social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram)
- Strong writing and editing skills, with strong attention to detail
- Ability to use online tools to engage members, donors and corporate partners
- Outgoing, enthusiastic and creative
- Works well independently and as part of a team

Time Period

The position requires a minimum 6-month commitment for 1-2 days per week for an average of 2-5 hours per week, which can be completed at home.

Benefits and Recognition

This position provides valuable experience for Communications, Marketing and Non-profit Management students; individuals with an interest in gaining experience in the non-profit sector or in the mental health field; and anyone with a passion for mental health and physical wellness. This position will strengthen and broaden your skills in social media management and analytics. It is a flexible schedule, and an opportunity to make an impact while having fun!

Volunteers are highly valued members of the CameronHelps team and contribute to making a significant difference in CameronHelps ability to save one life at a time from suicide through programs and awareness. CameronHelps will provide reference letters for all volunteers who successfully complete a placement.

Who You'll be Assisting


The goal of our charity is to reduce the stigma of youth mental illness, build awareness of the issues, and to promote the positive aspects of physical health on mental health.

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